Management of «State Real Estate»
Andrejs Milzarājs

The Member of the Board of SJSC «State Real Estate» since 30st August, 2014.

He is responsible for SRE Legal Administration and Property Management Administration that includes all the issues regarding assessment, sale, and leasing of real estate.

His nearly 15 year long experience in SRE is worth noting. It is a real benefit both to the development of the company and his personal growth that helps him to notice every detail in the real estate sector and aspects of public law.

Previously he has held positions in SRE in relation to development and management of real estate. He has also worked as the Director of the Department of Non-residential Premises for Rent, later as the Director of the Department of Development and Sales, as well as the Manager of Public Sector Clients.

His first working experience was obtained in Central Executive Board where he started as a specialist in Operation Department of Municipal Fund and went as far as the Manager of Entrepreneurship Department.

A. Milzarājs has obtained law qualification in the University of Latvia, Faculty of Law. He has mastered his knowledge in seminars, training courses, and professional experience.



Madara Melnmate-Savicka

The Member of the Board of SJSC «State Real Estate» since 1st September, 2014.

She is responsible for issues regarding management of real estate, customer service, and support provision, as well as risk management and quality process management.

Previous experience has been closely related to provision of insurance and financial services. She has worked for more than 14 years for AAS “Balta” (a part of “RSA Group”). There she was Member of the Board, Director of Legal and Risk Management, as well as the Director of Customer Service as for insurance indemnity. Various projects were implemented in order to improve customer service, for example, electronic circulation of documents, introduction of a customer service call centre, and improving efficiency of customer service processes.

She has obtained the Bachelor`s and Master`s Degree in Law and qualification of lawyer in the University of Latvia, as well as Master`s Degree in Business Management in RTU Riga Business School.

She has mastered her professional knowledge in “RSA Group” Leadership Development Programme and Process Management Programme where she studied business excellence programmes, LEAN and SixSigma.

She enjoys working in a team and appreciates honesty, active participation, courage, and interest in achieving goals. Opinion of each team member is important.

Close cooperation with the managers and the rest of the staff in a modern and contemporary company as SRE allows strengthening the company’s experience in administration and management of real estate, introducing and improving the latest IT solutions that are useful for raising work quality and efficiency of processes.



Līga Ermane

Līga Ermane was confirmed as a Board Member of the SJSC «State Real Estate» on September 1, 2016. She started to perform her work duties on October 3, 2016.

L. Ermane has previously worked in leading job positions of several companies, mainly governing their financial strategic management. She has also led LTD “Ernst&Young Baltic” consulting projects for state and municipal government institutions, as well as for companies of the banking and finance sector; has worked as the Director of Finances at the SJSC “Latvijas Pasts”, where the main responsibility was the development of a long-term business plan, budget planning and controlling; implemented new financial instruments, as well as carried out duties connected with real estate development, management and property management from the financial management aspect.

Also L. Ermane has worked in several companies of the insurance sector. She performed the duties of Service Development and Marketing Department Manager at JSC “SEB Dzīvības apdrošināšana”, whereas in JSC “Balta” she has developed and led personnel training programmes.

L. Ermane has acquired a master’s degree in management sciences at the University of Latvia and is currently in the process of acquiring a master’s degree in financial management at the BA School of Business and Finance; additionally, she regularly supplements her knowledge at various courses.